• Training Week (25th - 29th June 2018)
    Monday AM:Boxing HIIT Class @ UG Newhaven, coached by Sonny ParkinsonMonday PM:BJJ @ UG Newhaven, coached by Tolly Plested.Tuesday:Gym Jones "Today in the gym" session1.5mile run2 rounds of 10 band pull aparts, 20 squats, 10 jump squats, 10 lunges, 2 jump lunges, 1 knee jump2 front squats + 4 back squats - 70kg, 100kg, 120kg, […]
  • Training Week (18th to 22nd June 2018)
    Summary of last week's training:Monday AM:Boxing HIIT Class @ Underground Gym NewhavenMonday PM:BJJ @ UG Newhaven, coached by Freddy MoulandTuesday: Snatches, 3 singles at 50, 60 and 70kg (first snatches since surgery)Also did some upper body pulling and accessory workWednesday:IWT Session with Kerry Langley @ UG NewhavenTrap Bar Deadlift x8 -> 1minute max concept bike -> 1min […]
  • Changing directions
    It's been a while since my last post; and it had been a while before that one since my last too.Every time I tell myself that I will make a better effort to get on here and track things, even if it is just for me and no other soul ever sees it, but I've […]


  • 4 years later ...
    So apparently the last time I posted anything on here was 2016?It's now 2020. That's mental. Guess I've been busy.Plan for this post was to give an update. So here goes ...What was I doing in November 2016?I was working at Eastbourne College and Esher Rugby club. Both as Head of S&C.What am I doing […]
  • Thinking LTAD
    With this new role now in full swing at Eastbourne College, I've been thinking a lot into how to best develop the kids to help them grow as athletes.I'm hoping that this role will continue to grow, and that in time it will become full-time and I will have the opportunity to put a Long […]
  • Eastbourne College - Building the process
    As many of you will know (because I posted it all over social media ... as always) I have recently taken up a new job as Head of Strength & Conditioning at Eastbourne College.This has been really amazing so far. It's a totally fresh challenge because I haven't worked with kids for over 4 years […]
  • Breaking Athletes
    Whilst I was working for Northland, I had the pleasure of sitting down and having a conversation between myself, Tim Hurst (the Northland head S&C) and Mark Drury, who is the Head S&C for Canterbury Crusaders.Tim and Mark are good friends, they used to work together at the Crusaders so Mark was basically up in […]
  • Creating your own "Movement Menu"
    If you are a regular gym user, whether for the purpose of strength, aesthetics, or sports performance, you no doubt at some point get confused with all the do’s and don’ts, and the variety of different styles of training you can use, fancy new tools and whatever else may pop up in the media.A lot […]



  • CEO Strength Coach - Ron McKeefery
    From the latest RPCN newsletter:Books: CEO Strength Coach by Ron McKeefery. Ron McKeefery has been name-dropped on the RPCN before through his podcast Iron Game Chalk Talk; he is a strength coach working for Eastern Michigan University, and has a vast amount of experience in various aspects of S&C. His book talks about his journey […]
  • Moving forward
    Long old time since I posted anything on this blog, but decided I would today. So here's the latest:In case you weren't aware, I now work at East Grinstead rugby club, as the Head of S&C for the G-Force Squad, as well as managing their on-site gym facility G-Force Gym (formerly The Training Lab).I'm enjoying […]
  • New beginnings
    Today is the start of something new.At 21:25 tonight, the 8th June 2015, I fly to New Zealand to begin a new journey.Firstly I will be finally reunited with my girlfriend Rachael, and we're travelling the South Island for a few weeks.Then the work starts as I head to Whangarei to work for Northland Rugby […]
  • My Internship Year
    My Internship YearOk, so in June 2014 I was lucky enough to be accepted as a Strength and Conditioning intern (technically a volunteer but intern sounds better) for Harlequins Rugby for 2014/15 season. I was absolutely over the moon when I found out, because I had originally applied for this position in 2011, straight out […]
  • Sports Specificity
    As I’ve mentioned previously, there are more and more sports performance gyms popping up around the UK in recent times, or at least more gyms that cater for this kind of training.There is also a greater opportunity for sports specific training, and people will get on board with this to give themselves the best chance […]


  • Broadening my horizons
    What's new?Not a whole lot to be perfectly honest.Let's recap ...Head of S&C at Eastbourne College since September 2016.Left Esher Rugby in November because the travel commitments were becoming too much and I didn't have enough time for it, plus a small increase of hours at the college.Still coaching classes at Underground Gym and also […]
  • Taking it online
    With my new role at Eastbourne College, alongside my other role at Esher Rugby, it has severely cut down the amount of time that I will be able to spend doing personal training in a one-to-one basis.Beforehand it was an easy set-up because I was at Reach Fitness, and I was doing relatively well there. […]
  • Life updates
    So the training blog has now been empty since July ... and it is September 25th ... my bad.And I haven't updated this one or my articles in a while either! Poor from me. Explanation time ...For those of you who know me or follow me on social you'll know that I've been working a […]
  • Comp & Esher update
    Competition done.I made 95 in the snatch - failed 100 behind and 102 in front.I made 120 and 126 in the clean and jerk - failed 130 on a press out (I'll definitely take it as a training make).On to the next one - big training cycle ahead to push on and make some major […]
  • New blog - first post
    So here we go!We're starting fresh ... again!I've ditched the last blog page because I wanted to start from the beginning and create something new. So this blog page will now be for my general ramblings - a bit of stuff about personal life, work, and whatever I feel like chatting about without it being […]


  • The New Role
    So as many of you may now know, I am currently in New Zealand. Whilst working with Harlequins I managed to get a position working with Northland Rugby for their 2015 ITM Cup campaign. It is technically another internship, but they did however pay for my flights and also are paying for all my accommodation […]
  • My Internship Year
    My Internship YearOk, so in June 2014 I was lucky enough to be accepted as a Strength and Conditioning intern (technically a volunteer but intern sounds better) for Harlequins Rugby for 2014/15 season. I was absolutely over the moon when I found out, because I had originally applied for this position in 2011, straight out […]
  • Oh the times they are a changing
    Things are starting to shape up a little bit differently nowadays at Quins,First off - Therapy has changed shape. So at the start of the year therapy looked like a load of mats laid out for individual players, with bands, balls etc available for use.This then changed to it being structured into what they would […]
  • into 2015 we go
    Ok. I have now proved that I am pretty poor at keeping up with these blogs. So I'm not going to bother trying to claim to get better at posting more regularly.My last post was back at the start of December, a whole 2 months ago. And there has probably been a ton of interesting […]
  • November
    So as I started the last blog off by saying I hadn't blogged in a while, and that I was going to do it more frequently again, I think we can all determine that was a lie.Apologies.It has been around a month since my last confession ...SO - What's New?Like I'd said previously I'm going […]