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What makes us different?

We combine tried and tested training techniques with modern research to improve areas such as:
Acceleration & Speed
Strength & Power
Aerobic Fitness
Movement Quality
Injury Prevention

All programming and session delivery is specifically tailored to suit the needs of the individual or group.

Nitman Performance is not only limited to athletes, Personal Coaching is also available for those looking to improve their way of life.

So if you want to take your performance to the next level, or simply want to reach some personal goals in a safe and friendly environment, do not hesitate to contact us, as each step you take leads you to that goal.

Recent Updates

NEW! 12-Week Strength Template Version 2.0!

After the success of our first 12-week Strength Template, we decided to re-release it but with a fresh new look.
In version 2.0 we have changed the strength progression, giving each athlete even more opportunity to reach personal bests on all 3 lifts! Alongside this we have edited the spreadsheet to make it more user-friendly, and giving much greater levels of detail each week.
When you buy our 12-Week Strength Template you won’t only receive the spreadsheet and newfound strength, but also a Welcome Booklet full of useful training information, and also a Nutritional Information Booklet and Macro Calculator from Performance Nutritionist Sean.

Grab yourself, a friend, or a loved one a version 2.0 12-Week Strength Template for only £50!
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New Affiliation!

NPT are proud to announce that we are now affiliated with Elements Mixed Martial Arts.
Elements specialise in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but also offer coaching in Judo, Mixed Martial Arts, as well as several kids classes.
So what does link mean for members of Elements? 
Well essentially it means that you can grab yourself a saving on all of our coaching options. Whether that be one-to-one coaching, or one of our online coaching packages, you will be able to save 20%.
We are also hoping to release a “Members Only” programming option available as a bolt-on purchase to go alongside Elements membership, which will be designed to improve combat sport performance.
One of our main goals of this affiliation is to provide athletes preparing for an upcoming competition, tournament or fight the chance to train specifically for that event, using elite level coaching and appropriate training to perform at their peak on fight night.
Click here to find out more about our Online Coaching.

Referral Bonus:

If a Nitman Performance client refers a new client they will receive a 10% discount on any coaching package.

The new Nitman Performance client who has been referred will also receive a 10% discount upon first purchase of any coaching package.

Discount Details:

Nitman Performance are proud to be able to offer affiliation discounts to the following:

  • Members of Elements Martial Arts

  • Members of Kicks Martial Arts

  • Members of Hillcrest Boxing

  • Members of First Generation Mixed Martial Arts

We are also proud to offer gratitude discounts to the following:

  • Members of the British Armed Forces

  • Members of the Public Services (Police, Fire, Ambulance and NHS)

For details on the affiliation and gratitude discounts please see our Affiliations & Disctounts page

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