Affiliations & Discounts

Affiliations & Discounts

NPT are proud to be able to offer affiliation discounts to the following:

  • Members of First Generation Mixed Martial Arts Eastbourne
  • Members of Kicks Kickboxing Academy (Brighton & Eastbourne)
  • Members of Hillcrest Boxing
  • Members of Slimming World (at the Con Club)
  • Staff, parents and alumni students of Eastbourne College

We are also proud to offer a gratitude discount to the following:

  • Members of the British Armed Forces
  • Members of the Public Services (Police, Fire, Ambulance and NHS)

Price Plans:

Personal Coaching:

  • Pay As You Go – £30 (1x 60 minute session)
  • Bulk Buy 5 Pack – £135 (5x 60min with 6 month expiry)
  • Bulk Buy 10 Pack – £250 (10x 60min with 6 month expiry)

Online Coaching:

  • With the Online Coaching tier system, discount will be applied by purchasing the chosen level at the cost of the level below. I.e. if you choose to use our Platinum package, you will only be charged for Gold.